a Great Tool in the Works
FleetJar is a new reservation and dispatch cloud software that will allow you to operate your fleet via a single platform only. FleetJar will include client booking, dispatching dashboard, billing, payroll, apps both for drivers and passengers, review management and much much more. Our mission is to make a product that is much more superior to what is available out there today. We have partnered with real limo companies and have analyzed over 60,000 trips.
Regular updates and live customer support - all 'Made in USA'! FleetJar has one major goal: to automate most of your daily boring tasks so you can have more time to grow your business, provide better service to your customers, or go golfing or spend more time with your loved ones.
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FleetJar is in the early stages now and it will provide all of the services that a modern-day limo operator needs; no matter large or small. Despite an immense quantity of tools available today we found that many operators disliked what they were paying for and what they were getting for their hard-earned dollars. FleetJar will address all those real-world issues that we have encountered during our discovery process and will guarantee a high standard, moving forward as well.